individual inner journey retreat Sweden

Individual retreat in Sweden

Individual retreat: Recharge and expand the field of your possibilities, your human potential. Liberate yourself and activate your manifesting creative flow.

'Recharge and expand the field of your possibilities.

Liberate from unhealthy patterns and activate your manifesting creative flow'

Welcome to this magic human potential journey

In this retreat it is all about:

⊕ Allowing yourself to relax and to let go of old ballast
⊕ Re-charging in an inspiring, safe environment
⊕ Re-naturing your mind
⊕ Healing old traumas, patterns and mechanisms and learning underlying lessons
⊕ Liberating yourself from (old) traces of dependancy or 'slavery'
⊕ Re-activating your manifesting creative flow, aligned with your soul's purpose
⊕ Libereting your Human Potential

What is asking at this moment to liberate in yourself the most?

Chose the depth of your experience:

Deep Journey

winter sollerön10

You are ready to make a deep dive to the core of unhealthy mechanisms and patterns.

Possibly, you did already a lot on the path of your personal-spiritual development. You are struggling in the next layers/ levels or dimensions. You feel that you need to zoom out from 'everything' what is known and familiar. And to zoom in to that hidden spot that is ready to show up, to fullfill the right 'cell' in the flow of your souls purpose.

Is it also possible that your soul's purpose not clear yet?

The reason to go through the Human Potential Journey with my facilitation:
- restoring the relationship with yourself and people around
- restoring and exploring of natural (sexual And creative) healthy energy flow
- detecting the sources sucking the energy away and removing them
- creating the healthy space for the (new) partner and 'clearing ties' from previous relationships
- claming space for yourself and learning to speak out naturally
- stucking in old patterns and walking in the vicious circles
Etc. etc.

Duration: 6 days (the day of arriving, 5 full days, the day of departure)

Investment: € 4.990,00 incl. 21% VAT

Including: holding space and transformational sessions, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner during 6 days of stay), linnen and towels, an accomodation*.

Excluding: travel to the location.

*In case you will choose another accomodation, we will calculate the difference in the prices.

If you have any questions, we will discuss it during the interview.

'In this Together':

Would you like to join this retreat together with your partner or a friend, for two persons together: €7.957,00 incl. 21% VAT*. (Save €2.023,00 still experiencing this retreat exclusively).

*You share the same accomodation.

Light Journey

winter sollerön11

You are done with the hustle and bustle and need some inspiring space for yourself to recover and unwind more deeply.

There is a deep wish to get back to your feeling and sensing of life and (re)connect with your intuition. 

- You are questioning yourself about your old patterns, mechanisms and underlying lessons.
- You like to review your (un)healthy routine and find the right motivation to bring it into your daily life. 

- Are you a seeker, investigator, willing to find the point of silence in your body-mind to get by the source of your intuition.

6 days (the day of arriving, 5 full days, the day of departure)

Investment: € 2.023,00 incl. 21% VAT

Including*: holding space and transformational sessions, dinners (during 6 days of stay), linnen and towels.

Excluding*: accomodation, travel to the location, breakfasts and lunches.

If you have any questions, we will discuss it during the interview.

Light Journey is also possible for a small group up to 4 persons.

In this case you will be involved both in group sessions, and individually.

For the group of 3 á 4 persons:

Including*: holding space and transformational sessions, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner during 6 days of stay), linnen and towels, an accomodation (an assigned stuga for 4 persons/ 2 shared rooms in a cosy wooden house with all facilities incl. a sauna)

Excluding*: travel to the location.

Work retreat

  • Project issue (a group up to 6 persons):

You are working on a project with your team and need really fresh insights and new perceptions to solve challenging issues. I invite you to this open creative space in inspiring environment, full silence and all possibilities.

Think about not only the inner silence and reset individually. You will get the supportive tools to come to the essence of your project, product or a problem and to find the hidden solutions. Some of these work forms you can find on this website on a page Incompany.

Get a quote after an intake interview.

All tariffs are valid until April 30 2023. From the May 1, there are the summer tariffs for the B&B accomodation.

Write  your motivation and make an appointment for a free interview (20 minutes):

Optional for all choices:

Both journeys can be customized to deepen your experience during or around this retreat.

I involve my colleagues in the Netherlands and in Sweden to add extra dimensions to your 'travel' in order to bring our spaceholding and facilitation in line with your intention.

Ask about these possibilities during our interview.

The location:

  • Sollerön, Sweden

The Vikings' 'island of the Sun'.

Experience the countryside and peaceful slowly flow of life.

Being on the island, you can choose any side to dicover the forest towards the Siljan lake. Find it by yourself or I can show you the most mystique silent places.

Just google about the creating of this area by the fall of a metheorite millions years ago (key-word 'Siljan Ring'). Imagine, that you are in the crater... 🙂

This precious piese of land was loved by the Vikings and it still consits powerful worshipping places.

Photography: ©Vlada Lisinenko

About the facilitator:

vlada human potential coach trainer

Vlada Lisinenko

“Beauty heals the world”

Als Human Potential coach en trainer begeleid ik vanuit mijn creatieve geest en passie. Ik ben de oprichter en auteur van transformatieve vormen en oefeningen (geleide visualisaties, Art as Medicine, Beauty as Medicine, Breath as Medicine, Metta-Morfose), waaronder ‘Het Rozijntje’ (bekend vanuit de mindfulness).

In mijn begeleiding via coaching en retraites combineer ik eigen tools met de Methode Beter Ademen, (quantum)hypnose, regressie, reïncarnatie en het protocoolwerk vanuit Altazar Mystery school.

De laatste 1,5 jaar woon ik in Zweden, waar ik midden in de natuur verdiep, coach, creëer en schrijf. Mijn woonplek op een authentieke boerderij met een prachtige trainingszaal, biedt de mogelijkheid om mensen te ontvangen voor retraites en andere events, gebaseerd op persoonlijke ontwikkeling.

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