sound as medicine retreat

'Let the Beauty of Sound guide you through its medicinal touch'

In this retreat in magic Sweden let both sound and silence be a part of your deep recharging journey.

Data for the retreat: the new data will be announced in November

Data sound healing ceremonies: October 21 and 22

holders retreat sound as medicine

Meet our Team:

Gerrit Snellenburg and Vladyslava Lisinenko will host the retreat, with guiding through your experience and healing.

Johan Rabén will care about our creative healthy food, which is a part of the medicine too!

Allow yourself an opportunity not only to relax and to enjoy these three special days together, but also to let go of the ballast you collected in your (many) previeus years or lifes.

Experience the breake through by prooving or seeing the same daily things differently. You will be able to explore the source of an old trauma, surrounded by the safe environment and supported by the ancient sounds of Tibetan singing bowls.

These times ask a lot from us and we need to be able to carry more than ever before.

Well, the stronger we are and the more we care about outselves, emptying us from an old patterns not serving us, the more space we get not only to survive, but also to live even more fully.

Warm welcome to participate in this retreat:

Please, while booking briefly describe your intention for this retreat.

Mention any specific issue, including an eventual food allergy.

Nature as Medicine

'Sing with me, sing me'

sound as medicine water


We are mostly the water, as our body consists of a high percentage of moisture. And we are the flow of vibrations, containing and mixing with surrounding.
sound as medicine forest bathing

Viking's Gold

Wherever you are on the Earth, the lights and sounds have different colors and intensity. Vind the real Viking's Gold in Dalarna's Sweden and learn to listen to its purifying vibes.
sound as medicine forest bathing

Forest Bathing

New and old vertile forests collected all ingredients to get so into their silence, as to the opening of all your senses, almost literally bathing in the old mosses or birds' songs to feel all in one, in yourself.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Resonate, so within, as without

sound as medicine


The vibration or so-called, the resonance of the bowl after striking one can resonate deeply in our body. Opening and supporting to the healing or the transformational process.
sound as medicine retreat


For centuries, the singing bowls were used by Buddhist Monks during meditations. It helped to sink deeper in the body, offering an anchor for better concentration and healing.
sound as medicine sound bathing

Sound Bathing

Diving into the bubble of sond, especially tuned into the healing effects, brings us not only a deep relaxation. It works on mental, emotional, fysical levels and helps to reconfiger our energies.

Singing Souls

Let's be a colorful khor!

sound as medicine art as medicine

Art as Medicine

Ready to experience your creative flow? Even if you never drew or painted in your life. The art of sound will show you the new dimensions into this reality, on an openminded creative way.
sound as medicine voice

Voice as Medicine

No matter, you are a professional singer or you've never dared to hear your voice in real. There are (new) ways to get into other dimensions of yourself. Liberate what always belonged to you.
sound as medicine food

Food as Medicine

If you are still eating food, you can't sing without a healthy food! We have a special cook in our stuff. Johan Rabén was the chef of the popular Stockholm's raw food restaurant Matapoteket!

Practical information:

This retreat holds our focus on the beauty of sound to give an optimal experience about its medicinal power.

All other mentioned (and not mentioned) ingredients will support everyones process and well being.

During three days you will experience at least one deep healing sound bathing, guided visualizations and breathing excersises.

If you love it very much and like to get the fullest experience, or after the retreat.

Not able to join the three-days journey? You can choose for one or for both these sessions.

Booking your place for the retreat and a ceremony? You will get a discount for one of the ceremonies (while there are enough participants for a 'go').


3 days of journey, hosted by 2 facilitators. Group and individual (transformative) interventions during the group sessions according to the processes.

Food. Great vegan or vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner (the dinner will be served on the first two days), tea, coffee, healthy snack. Please, let us know about an eventual food allergy.

Morning meditations and evening activities (at least one evening).

Of course, the beautiful nature and deep conversations with like-minded participants.

What to take care by yourself:

Your travel to the retreat place. The best is to carpool, especially if you are traveling from a different country. While booking, mention your wish to travel together with other participants and we can bring you in touch.

The accomodation. If you need an assistance, we can help you to manage a B&B, close to the retreat place.

Any other information you will receive after your registration.

The location:

  • Bengtsgården, Sollerön, Sweden

You will get from us an advise how to come to this location after your registration. For now, you can find this beautiful authentic island inside the great Siljan lake via the google map and get some inspiration via these pictures!

When not rainy, always surprising lights.

Optional: If you will decide to stay with us 1 day longer, we have an impressive Nature journey, (eventually) ending with an extra sound bathing sessions on the same location.

Of course, you can always decide to explore this or other Swedish regions totally by yourself.

This option is not included in the main 3-days retreat. If you love this experience, please inform us in time and we will share with you all details about this extra journey.

Photography: ©Vladyslava Lisinenko

The value of the retreat:

The value of this retreat is €575,00 or 5.750,- Swedish kr.

It is exclusively an accomodation and travel to our retreat place (see practical information).

After your booking/ subscribing you will receive a payment link. After your payment is your registration compleet.

We are holding the group of maximum 10 persons.

Please, while booking briefly describe your intention for this retreat.

Mention any specific issue, including an eventual food allergy.

About the facilitators:

Gerrit Snellenburg

One of the ceremonies in the Chapell, the Netherlands

Gerrit Snellenburg

“To move forward, it is sometimes necessary to come to a complete standstill, to rediscover yourself, to recognize, acknowledge and feel and express hidden emotions, so that our life energy starts flowing again and you can start moving again”.
Gerrit was from a young age interested in the supernatural. He practiced for many years meditation, followed retreats at various Buddhist centers, as well training courses in the field of energy. It sharpened his intuition and energetic work.

To mention some of the courses: a sound masseur at Peter Hess®, breathing courses, Reiki, NLP and the Shamanic Practitioner training.

From the Shamanic point of view, he can help, for example, to discover a power animal, or to explore the sourse of a pattern causing the same problems.

Find more on Gerrit's website, Klankresonantie Zwolle

Vlada Vladyslava Lisinenko

Celebrating the end of the retreat, around the Midsummer

Vladyslava (Vlada) Lisinenko

“Beauty heals the world”.

Vladyslava's life path was already from her childhood fascinating. Partly because of growing up in the Soviet Union and consciously experiencing the old state and huge changes there.

The mixing of different cultures, facets and disciplines not only led to surprising new forms of her activities, but also shone still more light on the matters of 'full potential', 'beauty', 'authentic self-expression'. These themes were always triggerring her and inviting to explore them more deeply.

It is her core purpose to expand more awakening about Beauty, it's essence and it's healing potential.

She developed inspiring trainings and tools that are guiding people to their authentic being. Through freeing from not-serving patterns and mechanismes, finding out their unique talents and grounding in their original power. Find out more

Johan Rabén

The main characters of Marapoteket, Stockholm

Johan Rabén

The founder of the Raw Food restaurant Matapoteket in Stockholm.

Johan is mostly known from his and his wife Maria adventure running the popular restaurant in Stockholm. A big love for good food and the knowledge about its medicinal working created not only delicious dishes, but also a very original concept. As 'mat' in Swedish means the food, they created in fact an alternative to the farmacy.
At this moment Johan builds a special retreat center, surrounded by fields and woods. And you can guess, which project is ready at first place! Of course, the green house, that became at the end of the summer a real jungle full of different vegetables.
It offers Johan an ultime combination of his passions, food and wood, because originally he is a good carpenter.
Johan is frequently asked as chef during different retreats in Sweden, so we are honored that he will cook for us!

Articles about the healing affect of cound:

sound as medicine

Heart cells affected by sound

Research at Stanford University is finding acoustics to create new heart tissue!

This image shows the ‘cymatics’, or geometric patterns created in heart cells when applying various sounds. In bio-acoustic sound medicine, is taught that sounds are imprinting every cell and science continues to prove this ancient axiom.

Cardiologist Sean Wu, MD, PhD and Utkan Demirci, PhD, an acoustic bio-engineer use acoustics to manipulate heart cells into intricate patterns. A simple change in frequency and amplitude puts the cells in motion, guides them to a new position and holds them in place. Acoustics can create a form that resembles natural cardiac tissue. With sound they can create new tissue to replace parts of damaged hearts. Acoustics can be used in reconstructing other organ tissue and blood vessels.

Sounds are use to create and harmonize, as well as clean and release. Both principles are used in science using high precision acoustical generators. The same principles can be applied safely by individuals using non-invasive, natural harmonic sounds, such as our voices and acoustic instruments.