walk as medicine stones

A natural medicine - walking - brings us so many hidden treasures! Especially when we connect with the wealth that nature has to offer us.

I would like to invite you to travel together. Here you connect with yourself and with nature and you experience the unity of this.

I'll support you to get in touch more deeply with this state.

That helps you to see the challenges that life offers us and to step out of the chaos.

Let your inner calling - what do you need now - get hands and especially feet.

Tools we use are based on the principle of Yin and Yang:

⊕ walking (Zen loop) and silent meditation,

⊕ breath flow (see how it will support you in letting go of the old and creating space for the new)

⊕ forest 'bathing' (is something different than swimming 😉)

⊕ balancing the stones (Like to try?) - special edition

We will literally and figuratively 'get some fresh air'.

What is Forest Bathing?

forest bathing walk as medicine
Just compare our far ancestors, who lived close to the ground, walked regulary into the fields or the forest picking up the 'fruits' of nature and breathe clean air, with an average person, who lives in an appartment cell, looking from his/ her window to a row of buildings and being mostly inside.
  • Home, transport, school, office, sport hall, cafe, restaurant, museum, theatre. Moving often just from one cell to another, by transporting him/herself via another cell. Having stress in each of them, whether to the family members, or with traffic users, collegues, weather, thoughts, situations, life.
  • A lot of sitting, mostly inside
  • Filling in all the free time with a lot of activities, being afraid to get borring or trying to complete own check-lists
  • Not having time left (by exception, having a dog) to just walk around or visit a piece of nature.
city cells comparing to forest bathing
Of course, we don't need scientific proof or declaration to feel the difference in our condition, coming back from the forest or even a park.

No wonder, there are so many fairy tales about the forest magic, the mystery of the trees or invisible beings.

For a deeper magic experience, participate in forest bathing workshops. Discover the medicinal effects to become aware of the healing potential of the 'longs of the Earth', the forest.