human potential coaching

Inner journey to your essence and expanding of your potential

The outcome of my facilitation is an exploring of Human Potential and liberating of Authentic Self-Expression.

People often experience the Breakthrough in their Creativity, in the wide range of its expression.

The essense is all about the Relationship, with yourself and with others.

Human Potential coaching

Inner Journey with Vlada

It's all about an exploring of your authentic/ true self, your human (energetic, creative and fulfilling) potential:

- restoring the relationship with yourself and people around

- restoring and exploring of natural (sexual & creative) healthy energy flow

- finding out the sources sucking the energy away and removing them

- creating the healthy space for the (new) partner and 'clearing ties' from previous relationships

- claming space for yourself (your authentic place) and learning to speak out naturally

- I help you if you are stucking in old patterns and walking in the vicious circles

Etc. etc.

vlada human potential coach trainer

(Re)discover the medicinal powers of your body and the nature around you.

Explore your human potential and your authentic self-expression.

Methods and forms

Vlada Lisinenko guides from her creative spirit and passion. She is the founder and author of transformative forms and exercises (guided visualisations, Art as Medicine, Beauty as Medicine, Breath as Medicine, Metta-Morphosis), including 'The Raisin' (known from mindfulness).

In her coaching and retreat guidance, she combines her own tools with the Better Breathing Method, (quantum) hypnosis, regression, reincarnation, EFT and protocol work from Altazar Mystery school.

coaching vlada lisinenko
beauty as medicine breath as medicine


During our first session we define and attune the depth of your journey and desirable coaching from my side.

You can chose a bundle of 5, 7 of 10 sessions. It is possible to ugrade it if neccessary.

The duration / frequency of sessions depends of your purpose, intention and motivation.

Please, register to get more information and to plan a short telephone consultation (15 minutes) around your personal question:


If you are ready to pay more attention to your inner process, granting yourself the environment of silence and nature for a few days, I invite you to join the individual retreat.

On this website you will see information for this inner journey in Sweden. I am open to discuss a possible trip to another inspiring place in another country, including the Netherlands.