breath as medicine

Breath as Medicine

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Strengthen and (re)program your immune system. Increase your vibes and stimulate your cells to a healthy(er) capacity.

About the trainer:

Vladyslava is her all live passionate about a personal-spiritual development. She looks curious to the processes and creatures of live.

Inspiration is her fuel! She finds always the way to pass it on. It flows through the ways of creativity-spirituality.

Being always inquisitive about a human potential she found out, how many dimensions it consists. It was leading to her own transformation.

In this journey she observed such a phenomenon as authentic self-expression. It leaded her also to learn from other spiritual teaches and schools.

Following her purpose to empower people in the exploring of their authentic self-expression, she gathered  and developed different specialities as:

  • and officially-recognized trainer of the Dutch Breathing Academy (Dutch: Adem Academie Nederland), regression/ reincarnation/ hypnosis, Altazar Method (the Mystery School), shamanism,  guided visualisations, creative therapy, work with the quantum field, EFT, intuitive work.

So she integrates all these disciplines in her training courses, transformative coaching journeys and retreats.

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As you see in the headline of this website, she is convinced that the Beauty heals the world. And she is on the path to translate and to transfer the medicinal contribution of this gentle force.

The actual training courses are Breath as Medicine and Doodling Alchemy (Art as Medicine).

Experiences of participants:

For the several weeks I participated in the "Breathroom". Under the guidance of Vladyslava, we worked with a small group on our breathing. It is literally and figuratively about taking a >breather< (de adempauze).

Recharge and relax through the breathing exercise.

Literally, a long breather means a stronger immune system, better health and a clear head.

In combination with a healthy breathing pattern.

A shift between activities - a 0 point between finishing one and starting the other.

Together with our group we have practiced to grow towards this. Also by supporting and encouraging each other.

A special experience, which I would like to bring to your attention." Paul

Tack, jag kom in med stress och smärta och gär ut med en känsla av att vi öppnat en gemensam avslappnad sfär. Soft. Gentle. Kind.” Nor

I slept very well and got up early in the morning full of energy, after a good breathing session yesterday evening!" Eddy

I feel me so grounded and rested every time after the session. Learning to integrate it in my daily life!"

Thank you for bringing your whole hearted energy! I feel energized, stable and calm." Johanna

Pleasant energy. Easy to follow technique. Overall it left a good feeling and a curiosity about further exploration." Johan

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