snow as medicine

Snow as Medicine

Snow as Medicine

Let it snow! And let is speak by following of its qualities. What kind of stories are in there?

Storytelling, sculpturing, playing, come with me!


'Snow sculpting workshops'

Are getting inspired about the artistic possibilities of snow, do you enjoy this fenomen as much as a child, join these workshops!

As you know, the snow is not stable, even in Sweden. I will announce these moments just a few days before the activities. If you like being informed on time, you can subscribe to get this sign to your email.

Just mention that you will receive Only the announcement about the snow workshops. I will not send you any other information you are not interested in.

The Manifest of Peace, of Life and True Leadership

snow as medicine

∼ Februari-March 2022, Vasaloppet, Oxberg, Sweden

The second day of my artistic snow project during the world's biggest ski event Vasaloppet became the first day of the war in Ukraine.

(First) inspired by the snow and deeply triggered by the tough situation in my birth country, the whole setting got into the wider scale of its meaning.

See the developing of this project and read the Manifest, following the link:

The Tiger and his Mistress

∼ December-Januari 2022, Vladyslava, Sweden

Being in Sweden, I was happy to 'meet' the snow again. Such a rare visitor all these years behind me.

As a mature with a childish enthousiasm, I started to learn its language. I found out, that it was talking to me. It was similar to the sand on the beach, but it was more pliable.

In the process, Tiger was coming out of my hands. Tiger? Why? But soon, I realised, it is the Year of a Tiger (according to the Chiness calender). How fun!

See the story, that was just doodling out of nothing!

What shall mean the Mistress for you?

She came back...

∼ Februari 2022, Vladyslava, Sweden

The creation process…
The snow is demanding.
It doesn’t have agreements, when to come and how long to be malleable. It comes and goes.
It was only 1,5 day availiable to jump in. To make some hours to use this possibility, to act quickly.
Now it is already hard and strong.
And you can’t do anything more at this moment.
But it could also melt away, as other times.
As I see, it is not only about the sculpting.
It goes deeper and I am discovering that.
Thank you,

Following the creative power...

The Bear

Snowy winters.. that was in my childhood.

The most bright remembering was about a big snow bear, made by my mother. More exactly, an 'Olympic Bear', the mascotte of the Olympic Games in the Soviet Union. Being a small girl, it was for me an impressive gigant. And so beautiful!

I was really wondered, how my mother could do it. I saw only the snowmen before, they were pretty standard and simple.

All children from our flat were standing in the circle to watch him. I was so proud of my mom!! She could always create everything and always differently, than usual. One boy of my age tapped one slaw of the white animal.. Breaking and falling down, it broke also something inside me..

It was not just a hop snow. It was a creature, a being.

Many years later, when making my first snow sculpture (being in a not typical snowy country), I was wondering, why I was making a bear..

Snow as medicine

∼ 2017, Vladyslava, the Netherlands (during the melting)

What's next?

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