doodling alchemy

Doodling Alchemy

Doodling Alchemy

art as medicine

Doodling Alchemy is the mystery where your subconscious takes over from your mind and uses this space to speak to you.

It shows you an important message, brings peace of mind and generates a creative flow. Which provides the basis for resetting and getting into a new movement.

Inspired, relaxed, charged and always amazed by your own untapped potential.

Doodles of Doodling Alchemy = is the drawing process without a predetermined goal of what it should become. You don't have to draw nicely.

Instead of you can keep an intention: to achieve relaxation, tranquility, insight, healing or essence.

Discover the amplification of the doodling effect in combination with the breathing exercise!

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In this workshop I invite you to learn more about mindfulness and intuition.

Well, with a surprising twist!

Learn more on the workshop-page.

This form is a kind of Yoga. We meet in the Yoga studio, but leave your yoga clothes at home!

training course

Fasten your seat belts! We are going perhaps for the slowest and longest journey you did before.

Welcome to enter to the world of your subconsciousness.

Find out more about human potential, learn more about yourself and experience a deeper transformation.