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The Manifest of Peace, of Life and True Leadership

“There are no bad people, there are people who have not yet discovered beauty, have not yet seen that beauty in themselves,” Vladyslava


Inspired by my mysterious snow sculptures, my Swedish friends decided to give me the stage.

Their eyes fell on the world's largest ski event, Vasaloppet, which was held for the 100th time in Dalarna province.

Its name refers to Gustav Vasa, the Swedish king, who was of great importance to this country.

After hearing his fascinating story of how he liberated Sweden from the Danish king in 1520, I decided to put him here with dignity.

In addition, I wanted to portray two other important figures, Anders and Emma Zorn. They have made a major contribution to the development of this region. Moreover, Anders had already established a bronze monument to Vasa in the center of Mora.

Strong connection

The second day of my intense project turned into day one of the war in Ukraine, my birthland.

That morning I was again faced with my silent snow performance and was overwhelmed by the wisdom that manifested itself then and in that place.

Kiev Kyiv Lavra

Everything I already created from my feeling and imagination, suddenly got much more and even deeper symbols and meanings:

scene snow sculptures vasaloppet

Februari 27, the sky had its own mystical spectacle. Birds and Angels gave hope and faith.

Gustav Vasa

Sunk deep in the white earth, like the ghost of a mysterious giant, with one hand pressed to his heart and the other turned out. He doesn't yell, he invites everyone, because he has something to say. And if you pause for a moment, you can even feel and understand it. At least think. What is Freedom? What is true liberation? What makes a leader a good leader? Do you know that this quality lives in each of us?

Although he suffered a severe trauma from losing his entire family in a drastic way, he did not translate this event into aggression. He never attacked another country during his reign. Well, like William of Orange for the Netherlands, he developed many laws for Sweden and laid a solid foundation for modern society.

500 years later, Gustav Vasa reminds us of the value of real truth and leadership from the heart.

Vasa's face has changed twice due to bad weather conditions. My example of his appearance was only his portrait and his soul.

Anders Zorn

The artist, one of the spectators and one of the creators. Still in the inspiration phase. Deeply reflecting on the soul of King Vasa.

What was he like as a person? How did he manage to attract the people to follow him confidently? What gave them the faith that he was doing the right thing and capable of truly liberating the country?

And at the same time, Anders is also all of us who look at Vasa with these questions, looking for inspiration to act.

He invites everyone to invent a different form of communication, to start a conversation in a different way, to express themselves, to show wisdom and to pass on.

After a major meltdown, the artist didn't even have a chance to be finished. I had to leave him as he is, staring at my long journey to fetch my mother from Ukraine.

Emma Zorn

What Emma should have become, mainly Anders's wife, became a true goddess. Ancient goddess of Peace, Life and Beauty. With her big pregnant belly, fertile with new life, in other words the New Earth that is on the way. Full of invisible mystery composed of everyone's cherished dream.

What would you like to be born with? What would the world look like?

As a muse to the artist, she directs her gaze to Gustav Vasa. She suggests that this leader is an exemplary leader. Someone who would give her child a good foundation in life.

And at the same time, she can also protect her offspring well.

She represents the fruitful ideas and realizations of Emma Zorn, who meant a lot to Dalarna's children, even though she never had a pregnant belly herself.

She also stands for the feminine energy that is allowed to open and express itself more.

Even her nudity is powerful. It is firmly rooted in the ground. She is fully grown and cannot be moved, removed, or hidden anymore, because it is the face of the Earth.

She stands between two gentlemen and puts their energy on equal scales. She has power over it. A different quality of power, which the world has not known for a long time. Her softness is irresistible. She deserves respect without forcing it.

The woman also had challenges and even got older in that process. Her roots are not visible. As an ancient goddess, she belongs to the Earth itself.


On the other side of Anders Zorn's chair is a white dog that also looks like a wolf. She is friendly, playful, and relaxed. There is no need to be concerned or wary. The situation is familiar and safe. She knows she is loved and there is no need to go and win that love. This is unconditional and abundant. With so much space around her, she has all the freedom to leave this scene, but she chooses to serve, because it's nice to stay right here.

There is so much warmth in this cold snow!

dog gustav vasa anders zorn vasaloppet

Work in progress. There was nog time and no power to make a picture of the dog. It will be updated later.

Behind the scenes

Conversations with people but also involvement in the developments in my homeland strengthened my entire presence in this place.

No matter how exhausted I was (physical work with shovels, an intense concentration, constant support to my mother, etc.), I was always at my 'base' early in the morning, fit and well.

I just could imagine... people protecting their country. Not sleeping or not eating enough, using all their strength to stay alert and to resist the ugly attack. People in fear, fleeing the bombings, looking for shelter, calming their children or taking care of the weakest... It gave the reserve powers to find every time a short moment of rest and just carry on, on the hidden potential. Not knowing how long I will be staying before going towards Ukraine, I had to finish this statement. To make it visible, at least to 48,000 passing skiers at Oxberg's checkpoint.

The weather did not cooperate, although I, like my friends, enthused myself, 'It is the right weather!' The expected new good snow did not fall, the snow that was there was either seriously melting or freezing. I came up with new techniques on the spot to continue or redo everything. Faces shrunk, new parts didn't stick, breasts narrowed, the dog chose a difficult position (obviously, without any example) etc.

Fortunately, there were also windfalls. Despite a heavy storm in the night, all the tools left by the sculptures remained untouched and I lay awake unnecessarily. The soft snow also brought advantages in further assembling important shapes, especially the woman. The dog's ready-made tail just lay there next to her and all I had to do was stick it or it would take a century to get one up from a dry snow.

All the support I received from people, both from the Netherlands and Sweden, kept my creative power burning.

Everything was created on the spot, without sketches or examples, but from my way (Doodleling Alchemy), love for true life and passion for sculpting.

I am grateful to my friends who took me alternately to Oxberg and kept watch for me, in case the situation in Ukraine got tough for me.

When the little girl looks at you after an intensive (emotional and physical) day with big shining eyes and a big smile and says 'Vlada, I love you', your heart melts to the core and you know: the world deserves Peace! For current and future generations. Only we can protect them and provide the strong ground. To be able to develop oneself, to be able to breathe freely and to enjoy the beauty that the earth has to offer.

New Generation

On the last day, many of Mora's school children delivered their peace pamphlets, which were placed with the 'little people' around the sculptures. Thus, the new world expressed its voice through the new generation. And this generation was already allowed to include the wisdom of key figures in its development.

As a green light to a different way of living, communicating and being.

Children of Mora placed their peace pamphlets.

This snow project was enhanced by Kristian Brandt's fire. Even this impossible combination of snow and fire proved that nothing is impossible, and that the limitation is only in our imagination.

The “Snow & Fire” artistic expression became the first event of the socio-cultural project “Odla Studio”, based on Sollerön, Sweden.


I saw that someone had scratched a drawing on the thigh of the Goddess. A boy, who came to see the progress more often, thought it was a shame. “These are bad people who did this,” he said. “There are no bad people, there are people who have not yet discovered beauty, beauty within themselves,” I replied.

Vladyslava (Vlada) Lisinenko, Artist

peace manifest vasaloppet snow sculptures

The Manifest of Peace, of Life and True Liberation

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